The Army National Guard Added 'Mental Fortitude' to This Custom Sneaker Designer’s Creative Arsenal

For Sgt. Anthony Amos, being the best is a must, especially when it comes to his shoe game. Here’s how the Army pushed him towards greatness.

Sneaker customizer Sgt. Anthony Amos was always creative. Growing up in Chicago, he found inspiration in his urban environment and learned to creatively express himself by customizing sneakers. But creative pursuits can be tough. In addition to being innovative, most creative professionals have to learn to be resilient and precise. For Sgt. Amos, his mental toughness and dedication to his craft stem from his time in the Army.

“My superpower would probably be some type of hardened skin because of the mental fortitude the Army helped me develop,” Sgt. Amos says.

The Army also taught him to do his best. 

“Serving in the Army influenced my artistic style by allowing me to dedicate myself to doing it right everytime,” says Sgt. Amos. “When I do something, I want it to be the best.”

That creativity tempered with the fortitude and rigor he learned in the Army helped him transform a passion project into a highly-successful venture, giving him a career that will last a lifetime.

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