Netflix's Marvel Characters Will Be on Ice Until at Least 2020

Sorry, Marvel fanatics.

The Defenders

Image via Netflix

The Defenders

If you were hoping that the upcoming release of Disney's streaming platform, Disney+, foretold a new life for The Defenders, you might want to have a seat. According to Variety, those beloved and canceled Marvel heroes and contractually bound to stay off of our screens until at least 2020.

The industry publication spoke to unnamed sources close to the matter and they revealed that Netflix's initial deal for the heroes that make up the small-screen team contained a clause that would put breathing room between their series and any other possible iterations.  

When Netflix agreed to pick up series centered around Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil, they included the stipulation that no new adventures starring the characters could premiere within two years of the Netflix cancellation date. Since Netflix ended 3 of those shows just last year, it looks like the characters are on ice for the remainder of the decade. 

On the subject of Jessica Jones, things get even trickier. Any Defenders reboot that might start in 2020 would have to do so without Jones. Netflix has a 2019 season planned for her, so the earliest she could make her way to Disney would be in 2021. 

That's not to say Disney+ won't have plenty in store for Marvel universe diehards. They are already planning original series around Loki, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon and the Winter Solider. And if Marvel isn't your thing, Disney's also producing several Star Wars series, including a series starring Rogue One's Diego Luna and a space western called The Mandalorian. Just take our money now.


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