Marvel Studios Head Explains Why Captain Marvel Had No Love Interest

It all comes down to canon.

captain marvel

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captain marvel

Kevin Feige has been remarkably game to talk about anything Marvel, except the one thing we're all dying to know about. On that tip, the Marvel Studios president spoke with Screenrant about why this month's Captain Marvel focuses on friendship rather than a more typical love interest arc.

"Well that was something as we were developing the script and queuing off of the comics as always, it never even occurred to have a love interest," Feige said. "That's not what the movie was about. It was about Carol finding herself and growing and making mistakes and being bolstered up by her female mentors and female friends. And that relationship with Maria was very important."

Feige said that the movie was able to focus on the bond between Carol Danvers and Maria because of the acting abilities of Lashana Lynch.

"It was something that was, and frankly I give all credit to Lashana who was amazing and who, and I don't know if it's a spoiler or not, but the unique structure of the origin story that this movie has. Initially, we were like, is that bond going to be strong enough? Are we having not experienced it in real time upfront when they get to Louisiana? Is it going to land? And we saw ... the audition and then the dailies. Oh, it's landing there. They're amazing," Feige said.

The Marvel prez also explained that they wanted to keep Captain Marvel a little separate from the wider MCU, both to give the character room to explore her own storylines and to explain her absence from the 21 previous films.

"We wanted to give her her own corner of the universe, her own mythology," Feige said. "While we're not specific about this in the movie, there's potential to understand where has she been this whole time? Why haven't we seen her yet? The answer is revealed and hinted at in this movie as she was dealing with a colossal, universal conflict in another section of the MCU."

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