GTA Fans Excited For Rumored Female Protagonist In ‘GTA VI’

Rumors are spreading that ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ will contain the series’ first playable female protagonist and fans on Twitter are ecstatic at the idea.

A display promoting ‘GTA V’

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A display promoting ‘GTA V’

Grand Theft Auto fans are ecstatic over the rumor that the next release in the series will feature a playable female main character.

The report of the first-ever female protagonist in the game's 23-year-history came from Tom Henderson, a video game superfan who has proven credible when leaking news about other marquee games, particularly in the Call of Duty series.

They are going to have a female protagonist in GTA 6. That's pretty awesome

— Megan Thee Megabyte 🔜 Dreamcon 💕🔥 (@MegabyteMegan) January 13, 2021

With more than seven years between today and the last release in the GTA series, fans are starving for any news on the development of GTA VI. When that unconfirmed update turns out to be a groundbreaking first for the franchise, fans have reason to be excited.

GTA developer Rockstar Games has not announced that they're working on any sequel in the franchise. As such, they're remaining mum on the idea that players will be able to play as a woman for the first time despite the report. Representatives for the company offered no comment when reached by Complex. 

Radio silence isn't enough to dim the response of fans, however. They flooded Twitter with enthusiasm after the rumor spread.

More hyped for GTA 6 now that I know I’ll be able to play as a female 😋

— shel (@pettyshellz) January 12, 2021

I for one care, and I’d really like to see a female protagonist finally happen, but I don’t hold out hope of seeing a GTA 6 any time soon 😂

Over 7 years later, Rockstar still haven’t announced anything... while reports suggest a GTA 6 launch in 2023/2024, I won’t hold my breath

— Amelia Ikeda (@amelia_ikeda) January 13, 2021

There will be female main character in gta 6 ! Lessgoo never played a game with female main character before.

— Finn (@Finn0021) January 12, 2021


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