Emilia Clarke on Episode 5 of 'Game of Thrones': 'Find the Biggest TV You Can'

Get ready.

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We're all still recovering from the Battle of Winterfell (well, the parts we could see anyway), but the Game of Thrones cast is dropping hints that even bigger things are in store as the show winds down. Emilia Clarke told Jimmy Kimmel that the penultimate episode of the series is even more massive. 

"Episode five is bigger," Clarke said on Wednesday. "Episode five is [exhales]—I mean, four and five and six, they're all insane, but like…Find the biggest TV you can."

The fifth episode is directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who has directed almost all of the series' most-loved battles. Sapochnik is the mind behind "Hardhome," "Battle of the Bastards," and last week's episode. Taken with Clarke's warning, it's likely that the fifth episode will be a battle between the remaining contenders for the Iron Throne.

Clarke also gave some insight into the difficulty of making last week's episode, specifically for her fellow dragon-rider Kit Harington. She said that the actor behind Jon Snow had plenty of reason to want to scream in a dragon's face, after hopping on the dragon stand-in during shooting, and discovering that dragon-riding might be better suited for women. 

"He was like 'I can do this,'" she said. "That was when I learned that men driving dragons is a whole other thing...He looked really pained."

While Clarke is a confident queen on screen, she revealed that she struggled when meeting real-life pop royalty. Clarke said that she ran into Beyonce at an Oscars afterparty and couldn't keep it together long enough for Bey to share that she's a fan of the show.

"She voluntarily came up to me, open-faced," Clarke said "I just messed it up. She was clearly a fan and I ruined it... I love her. I absolutely love her. It breaks my heart how much I messed it up."

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