Don Cheadle Joins Cast of 'Space Jam 2'

War Machine is on board LeBron James' reboot.

don cheadle

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don cheadle

Trying to predict what Don Cheadle will do next is a fool's errand. This is a man who has Hotel Rwanda and one of the most successful film franchises of all-time in his back catalog, with a dash of directing a Miles Davis biopic for good measure. Now, it's being reported that the actor will join Space Jam 2.

According to Deadline, Cheadle will join LeBron James' sequel to the NBA and Looney Tunes vehicle. What his role will be in the long-anticipated reboot is unknown.  

Though Cheadle has remained busy, and his Showtime series Black Monday is worth seeking out, he made headlines earlier this year when he went onSaturday Night Live with a Soviet hockey jersey bearing Donald Trump's name on the back.

No folks. I was not alluding to Space Jam 2 this morning on @FirstTake. There’s no way anyone in charge would allow @KingJames and I to be on the set together. Too much tension. That would be as bad as us on-camera together talking Ball. Wouldn’t want to make anyone nervous😉

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) June 26, 2019

Recently, most of the talk around Space Jam 2 has centered around who won't be in it or why it shouldn't exist, so it's good to see the positives of SJ2 actually rolling right along. Stephen A. Smith recently shared that his takes will be nowhere near the sequel.

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