People Are Using AI to Generate Bizarre Images of Angry Croissants, Sillier Gooses, and Cuter Babies

Turns out taking things to the extreme in AI means putting them in space.

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It seems like nothing is off-limits when it comes to artificial intelligence these days. The technology has all kinds of different uses—for better or worse—such as creating hilarious song covers or recreating someone’s voice for alleged scams.

“Make it more” is the latest trend happening on the popular AI tool DALL-E, which falls under the OpenAI family of apps that is also home to ChatGPT. On DALL-E, users can use descriptive language to tell the app to render an image and then give the A.I. more prompts to hilariously make it “more” of something.

For example, one user on X (formerly known as Twitter), asked ChatGPT to make a simple bowl of spicy ramen even spicier with each image.

Twitter: @venturetwins

Another user’s “mouthwatering cheeseburger” was made more and more delicious until it was loaded with expensive and extravagant ingredients.

Twitter: @lizelle

An account on TikTok devoted to generative A.I. images took on the challenge and created an angry league of croissants. In their final form, the croissants reached war overlord status beyond the solar system.

Although the use of A.I. continues to be controversial for different reasons, it’s equally fascinating and hilarious to see the world through the lens of these technologies and how far they can go.

Take a look at some of the best “Make It More” generated art below.

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