Comedian Matt Rife Catching Flak After Dissing 6-Year-Old Boy Who Corrected Him

Influencer Bunny Hedaya, the mother of the child dissed by Rife, responded to the comedian's comments in depth.

Todd Owyoung / NBC via Getty Images

Matt Rife is in hot water again, this time for a response to a child.

It all started when Netflix shared a joke from the 28-year-old’s controversial comedy special on their social media. In the clip, Rife bemoans women who closely follow astrology blaming the outcome of their lives on what’s happening among the planets and stars above us.

“It has nothing to do with the stars, man. Just because Jupiter has a ring and you don’t…doesn’t mean that’s who you’re supposed to look up to for all this magical advice, man,” Rife says in the video.

Influencer Bunny Hedaya uploaded a stitched response to Rife’s joke on her Instagram account featuring her six-year-old son. 


#stitch with @Netflix Is A Joke are you smarter than a 6 year old?

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“Actually, it’s Saturn that has the rings,” said the scientifically inclined child, donning a zip-up intergalactic hoodie. “And it has more also, and you’re mean to girls,” he added before turning away from the camera.

Rife caught wind of the response on Instagram, and in a seemingly deleted comment, he wrote, “Jupiter also has a ring. OH!...and Santa Clais [sic] isn’t real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck 🤪.”

Social media users did not take kindly to Rife’s response, including Hedaya herself.

“Matt Rife has decided to start beef with my six-year-old child online. Yeah, you heard me correctly. ... Like Matt, I have a full female audience online, although I like mine—I don’t want the men, you can keep them, please," said Hedaya in a TikTok uploaded on Saturday. “I will gladly take your audience because we know you can’t satisfy them anyway.”

Hedaya explained that the ordeal began when she got tagged in Rife’s Jupiter joke because her followers know that her son is “really into space.”


Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in. #bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear

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“I fiercely protect my child online, I’m not a family channel," she said. "People know his name, they know he likes space, they know he likes Minecraft, and that’s pretty much it. Most people do not know any personal details about my child.”

Hedaya continued, “[Rife] is not tagged in it, I have no connection with him, and it was posted on a Netflix page. While you clearly took a light-hearted video and turned it into fighting with a six-year-old, let’s talk about the comments that you said about me. … I don’t even show my body. For you to assume that every single woman online makes money by showing their bodies—which, if that’s what you do, girl, do you, love it. I have never made a single dollar from a man. My audience is female, female, female, female, and a little bit of the gays and theys. You can’t accept the fact that people may like women for their personalities, even though we know you don’t have one. You stick to circle-jerking the men that you need validation from, and I will gladly take your female audience that you so desperately wanna get rid of. I know it hurts because I’m richer than you, and I didn’t have too pay for a Forbes article to fake it.”

Hedaya closed out her TikTok, “I really wish you luck on what’s left of your career. Keep my child’s name out of your mouth. Or we can do part two."

Last month, Rife came under fire for opening his Netflix comedy special, Natural Selection, with a domestic violence joke

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