Supercut Compiles All 149 Things Wrong With ‘Justice League’ Just in Time for ‘Aquaman’

Cinema Sins goes in on the 2017 DC flick.

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Even DC Comic lovers had to admit there were some *ahem* problems with the Justice Leaguemovie.

When it was first released back in November of 2017, the movie was slapped with a whopping 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about Henry Cavill’s CGI’d mustache.

But in case you needed further proof the film was somewhat of a miss for DC Entertainment, Cinema Sins is back with 24-minute cut pointing out all of Justice League’s flaws. That’s a long video, considering the actual film is only two hours. Better grab some popcorn. (And, if you're director Zack Snyder, a notebook and pen.) 

The compilation points out everything from plot inconsistencies to camera angles to how slow Batman runs across a park. It ends with a 149 "sin count," which is more than 40 higher than Cinema Sins' take on the best superhero movie of this year, Black Panther

Whether you loved Justice League or thought it was meh, it's time to look forward at the critical future of the DC universe. This month Aquaman hits theaters with Jason Momoa returning as the titular character, and so far it has generally positive, though mixed, reviews. It's also already broken box office records overseas. 

Next year, we'll get Wonder Woman 2 on Nov. 3.

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