Why Seal Is Being Called a Hypocrite Over Oprah and Harvey Weinstein Criticism

Stay in your lane, Seal.


Image via Getty/David Becker


Seal picked up his cell phone yesterday and did something few have ever thought to do: He tried to drag Oprah. In an Instagram post, the 54-year-old singer criticized the media mogul for her connection to Harvey Weinstein. Of course, the post reeked with hypocrisy and, as many on Twitter soon pointed out, Seal’s ex wife Heidi Klum also shared a close relationship with Weinstein. In fact, the serial abuser was also the producer of Klum's show Project Runway.  

Some are posing that if Klum, and by extension Seal, also shared such a close relationship with Weinstein, then isn’t it possible they knew? While speculation like this has extended to many people in the industry (even Meryl Streep), there’s little evidence proving who really knew about the abuse Weinstein carried out. Are pictures of cheek kisses and side hugs enough to damn celebrities for knowing Weinstein's muffled “open secret”?

In light of this hypocrisy, it's unclear the real reason why Seal took time out of his day to take shots at Oprah. Perhaps the #Oprah2020 talk made him twitchy, but according to Gayle (Oprah's No. 1 BFF), Oprah isn't running. 

In a statement from October, Klum spoke out against Weinstein, disgusted by his actions, and announced his production credit was being removed from Project Runway. Winfrey did the same. Is it possible then, Seal, that the only person we should be blaming for Weinstein’s horrific behavior is Weinstein?

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