Reese Witherspoon Shouted Out Woman Who Dominated 'Jeopardy!' Category That Was All About the Movie Star

Better luck next time, Daniel.

If success could be measured in Jeopardy! categories, then Reese Witherspoon has peaked. The actress got her own category on Monday night titled “Reese Witherspoon Movies,” and one lucky Jeopardy contestant knew all the answers.

The category used hints from five of Witherspoon’s biggest films, including Legally Blonde, Election, Wild, Sweet Home Alabama, and Walk the Line—the film that earned Witherspoon her Oscar. When the three Jeopardy! contestants embarked on the category, one contestant named Daniel couldn’t get the answer correct to Walk the Line, the film where Witherspoon plays the singer June Carter who married Johnny Cash. Then his fellow contestant Emily stepped in and dominated the category.

Emily ran through all five prompts in the category, getting every film correct. On Twitter, she received a congratulations from Witherspoon herself. The actress posted the clip on Twitter praising Emily and telling Daniel, “You gotta be quicker than that!” Better luck next time, Daniel.

Reese is currently promoting her appearance in Ava DuVernay’s film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, where she plays Mrs. Whatsit alongside Oprah, Chris Pine, Stormi Reed, and Mindy Kaling. Witherspoon has also been seen at the forefront of the #TimesUp movement in the past few months. Last month the actress, alongside Kerry Washington, announced that Hulu picked up her new TV series Little Fires Everywhere, based on the 2017 bestselling book of the same name.

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