New Kardashian-Jenner Calvin Klein Campaign Brings Kylie Out of Hiding

Young Jenner just dumped a bucket of gasoline on the pregnancy rumor fire.

New photos of the Kardashian clan have arrived, but more importantly they include a craftily-posed Kylie Jenner. In a new Calvin Klein Raf Simons campaign, the family is clothed in a variety of whites undies and denim, similar to the Americana style of previous shoots with Solange and ASAP Mob.

Though Kylie was famously absent from her family’s Christmas photos, she makes an appearance in the new campaign—her first in five months. But in every photo the young Jenner's mid-section is covered by a blanket. In one photo, Kylie covers her stomach with a large quilt while the sisters are lying down. In another, she stands in a black tracksuit still clutching that quilt to her allegedly pregnant tummy.


If Kylie has any desire to quiet pregnancy rumors, she’s doing a terrible job. Even pregnant Khloé shows off her turgid, glowing midsection, but Kylie huddles behind a blanket...looking like she has something to hide. Meanwhile fans are so desperate to know if Kylie is pregnant, that we all pretended that this random girl at CVS was Kylie for a solid 24-hour period.

calvin klein put definitely-not-pregnant kylie under a quilt. they actually went and did that.

— ellie 🪐 (@eleanorbate) January 22, 2018

Never Have I Ever with #MyFamily #MyCalvins @CalvinKlein

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) January 22, 2018

The youngest of the five sisters is allegedly pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby, and rumored to be due in March. If she’s not pregnant, then this this is just cruel:  

The photos are accompanied by a short promo video of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters playing “Never Have I Ever,” where we learn less damning details, like the fact that Kourtney has for some reason eaten a rattlesnake. Kendall should have said “never have I ever been pregnant,” so we could finally get to the bottom of this. Khloé revealed her baby news via Instagram wearing some Calvin Klein undies, so maybe this is a sign that Kylie’s branded baby shoot is coming soon?

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