As the hunt for proof of Kylie Jenner’s rumored pregnancy continues, the internet rejoiced when a photo of what appeared to be a pregnant Kylie hanging around CVS circulated. With full lips, a short Kylie-style bob, and Gucci slides, many were convinced that this was the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for.

But alas, TMZ rained on our parade reporting that the green-hooded lady in the photo is not Kylie Jenner. Sources close to Jenner told TMZ that the beauty mogul hasn’t been leaving the house, and definitely wasn’t visiting the corner store. Jenner is allegedly due in March.

Photo Removed

When the photo first made its rounds on the internet, some expressed skepticism about the lack of security around the alleged Jenner. Others posed the very valid question of why a pregnant Kylie would go to CVS when she could ask literally anyone else to do it. 

Well the skeptics were right. Just last week rumors that Kylie was going into labor were spreading, so it's clear at this point that we're all just getting desperate.