Fans Think Amber Rose Is Waiting Around for 21 Savage

The two split ways back in March.

21 Savage Rose

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21 Savage Rose

Amber Rose and 21 Savageparted ways back in March, but fans think two months later Rose is still waiting around for the rapper to take her back. Rose posted a video to her Instagram story this weekend where she stares longingly into the camera as "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx plays: "Wherever you go / Whatever you do / I will be right here waiting for you." She followed up that post with a blank screen featuring a lone broken heart emoji.  

Rose didn’t make it explicit she was talking about anyone in particular, but plenty of fans assume it's a message directed at her former boo. The personality expressed her sadness over the breakup in an interview with Big Boy Neighborhood in March. "I love him. I really love him. I miss him. I think about him every day," she said. "But to say that I'm single, I can't say that I'm single because in my heart I still love him so for me to say that I'm single means I want to go out and find something else. Like I'm ready to mingle and I'm not. My heart is still with him so you know, hopefully we can work it out but if we can't, the love is still there so you know, we'll hopefully be able to be friends." 

Before their breakup, the two were certified relationship goals, especially when 21 accompanied his girlfriend to her annual Slutwalk and Rose made a Valentine’s Day playlist dedicated to the rapper. Who knows, maybe the two could make a comeback, but until then, Amber might just be moping around the internet. 

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