PlayStation 5’s are notoriously impossible to find. But that didn't stop one company from plating one of the consoles with 20 kilo of 18 karat gold. That's right, a PS5 of solid gold. 

The audacious gaming console is being created by Russian luxury company Caviar, which is best known for making fancy gold-covered iPhones. In line with their previous work, the company plans to create the rare "Golden Rock" PS5 with a rocky textured exterior that attempts to mimic the feel of gold ore.  

According to the company’s website, this unit will be the only one of its kind. 

"[The] Gold PS5 will be assembled from eight sheets, cast in solid gold. About 20 Kilograms of gold were used to create it. This is a real masterpiece of jewelry,” the website reads. “The inspiration for the designers was the unique geometry of the gold ore and the graceful, beautiful outlines of the rock. That is why the console was named Golden Rock."

It's unclear how long it will take Caviar's jewelers to complete the rare console. With the current price of a kilo of 18 karat gold sitting at $45,000, this PlayStation could be worth close to a million bucks. But Instead of listing the price, Caviar provides a phone number on its website for any insanely wealthy interested buyer who is actually able to afford this luxury item. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think my $600 check is going to cover this one.