NBC’s Peacock streamer is celebrating the New Year with a previously unaired cold open from The Office.

In the clip, Pam and Jim are up to their usual antics and play a trick on Dwight. In this particular moment, Jim and Pam make him believe he’s actually living The Matrix in real-time by sending him messages on his computer and making a number of references to the film. Dwight is, of course, a huge Matrix fan.

“In the original Matrix movie, seeing the same cat twice was a glitch in the system. It was proof that the Matrix was real,” Jim explains in the video. Pam shares how she trained a black cat to cross outside Dwight’s office door twice, and that they hired one of the warehouse workers, Glenn, and his twin brother Ben to pull the same stunt.

Later, Dwight receives a cell phone in a package and when it rings, the building’s security guard Hank is on the other end and tells Dwight to meet him in the warehouse. Hank reveals what’s truly going on—that he’s Morpheus’ brother Dorpheus. If you don’t recall, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) is a character from The Matrix who plays the role of Neo’s teacher. After explaining that The Matrix is real, Dorpheus then offers Dwight a choice between the red or blue pill.

Fans of The Office mourned its departure from Netflix on Thursday. As the clock struck 11:59 p.m. ET on New Year's Eve, the iconic show left the streaming giant for Peacock. On Jan. 1, the first two seasons of the series were made available to stream for free on the platform, while Seasons 3-9 will only be available to subscribers.