InnerSloth’s hit game Among Us is finally coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed that the popular social deception game will premiere on its console on Tuesday. Before making the transition to the Switch, players could only experience Among Us through a PC or on their mobile device.

While some people feel like this is a lateral move since many gamers have a home PC setup, others are still intrigued by the possibility of using the portability-ready Switch's features.

For those that don't knowAmong Us is an indie multiplayer game where players must determine who amongst them is a murderer. While this is happening, the killer must lie and leverage trust to murder the other players.

Although this sounds like a dark plot, the cartoon aesthetic makes it inviting to the whole family. This duality has resulted in Among Us gripping the nation with everyone from TikTokers and streamers to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing the game.