Ricky Schroder is getting some well-deserved hate for helping alleged mass shooter and murder, Kyle Rittenhouse, make bail. Yet it seems like Schroder can't stand on his bad decision since he's looking for the police to help him out. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that authorities were dispatched to the actor/filmmaker's home after he called them to review "negative social media posts" made about him. Unlike Rittenhouse's actions, none of these messages and posts were deemed "life-threatening." Instead, they merely hurt his fragile feelings forcing him to try to tattle tale on his trolls. 

This weekend TMZ reported that the NYPD Blue actor donated six figures to Rittenhouse's bail fund. Per the suspect's attorney, Lin Wood, Schroder's $150,000 helped Rittenhouse pay the $200,000 needed to post $2 million bail and get out of jail.

This overt display of privilege and racism generated some understandable anger on social media.

Rittenhouse is awaiting trial for murder after he opened fire during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The people were protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake, but Rittenhouse felt the need to kill two people and wound another. Rittenhouse claims he was acting in self-defense.