Kevin Hart has, once again, found himself in hot water.

Things got heated Saturday, when the 41-year-old comedian made an appearance on the audio-based social media platform Clubhouse, where he was accused of disrespecting Black women and delivering misogynistic jokes. At one point during the conversation, Hart was called out for referring to his 15-year-old daughter as a "hoe" because she showed interest in multiple boys.

"A week goes by, 'Dad, I don't like Rob no more.' I like this boy named Tim,'" Hart said in his new Netflix comedy special Zero Fucks Given. "Instantly, in my mind, I said, 'My daughter a hoe. This is hoe shit. This is hoe shit. Hoe activity right in front of my face.'"

A number of women on Clubhouse slammed Hart for the joke, which they deemed sexist. Hart then jumped into defense mode and questioned his critics' motives and suggested they simply wanted to see his downfall. He also referenced Hannibal Buress' 2014 comedy show in which he called Bill Cosby a rapist. Hart stated that Buress had brought Cosby "down," which many perceived as a defense of the convicted sexual predator.

Not long after the Clubhouse appearance, Hart took to Instagram to address the root of the controversy, and insisted he never called his teen daughter a "hoe."

"We gotta stop. Stop with the false narrative, it's a false narrative that’s being created," he said. "If you were in the Clubhouse and a part of the conversation, this wasn't about Black women. It wasn’t about me going against Black. The question was asked about the joke about my daughter and me referencing my daughter having hoe-like activity. I gave an answer to it. Here’s what it is, guys: I'm not calling my daughter a hoe, I'm saying what she did is hoe-like activity."

He continued: "I called three former hoes I know and asked them, 'Is this hoe-like activity?' ... Stop with the false narratives and the click bait and the back-and-forth."

You can listen to Hart's full response below.