Seemingly out of nowhere, the tweets are stacking up in revived and/or delayed reaction to Drake Bell's apparent rebranding as "Drake Campana."

"Campana," of course, is Spanish for "bell." And if you dig into the former Drake & Josh star's tweets and Instagram posts, you'll notice he's largely been posting in Spanish for quite some time now. Back in November 2019, he shared a photo of an ID listing an address in Mexico and—once again—the name Drake Campana.

Presumably, this was merely a playful gesture at the time in response to his popularity in Latin America:

Speaking with Forbes' Rachel Chang in March about the unveiling of his Lost Album project, which features songs previously assumed to have been lost forever only to be rediscovered via a hard drive, Bell was asked what inspired him to "move toward Latin music" as of late.

"It's Only Time did really well in Latin America, so I have spent a lot of time there and the fans have been so incredible and have become my strongest base," Bell said, referencing his 2006 album featuring the singles "I Know" and "Makes Me Happy." "Also, being from Southern California, the culture has always been a big influence on me growing up so it just felt natural."

In terms of charts performance, It's Only Time fared well in the U.S. but saw its highest peak—No. 4—by way of the Top 100 México chart.

In an apparent response to the uptick in tweets centered on his "Drake Campana" era, the actor/singer shared a video from @BrandonVCeron on Thursday titled "Drake Bell: The Artist Who Gave EVERYTHING for Mexico."

And while the Drake Campana stuff—as mentioned above—has been going on for a minute now, this week has indeed brought with it a wave of new reactions ranging from confusion to general surprise. Among the reactions, notably, was one from Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight:

In August, Drake Bell's spokesperson issued a statement on the actor/singer's behalf to USA Today and others denying verbal and physical abuse accusations from Melissa Lingafelt.