With just over a month until the PlayStation 5 hits store shelves worldwide, Sony has shared an extensive breakdown of what's inside the console.

As the closest look at the physical console itself, which launches Nov. 12 in the United States, the new breakdown across a video and a post on the PlayStation Blog shows how the system has been designed. Presented by Sony's VP of the mechanical design department Yasuhiro Ootori, the video shows him completely take apart the console. He noted that the large white fins on either side of the console can easily be detached, presenting the machine's innards.

"We felt it was inevitable to make a generational leap in terms of performance in order to deliver a new, next-generation gaming experience," wrote Sony's EVP of Hardware Engineering and Operation, Masayasu Ito. "However, to do so, we had to balance every aspect of the system, from focusing on reducing the noise level to enhancing the cooling capacity, more than ever before." Anyone familiar with how loud the PS4 Pro can get will be particularly happy to learn a focus on the noise level was taken into consideration.

The cooling system in the new console appears extensive, but the innards aren't the only focus. The vertical stand for the PS5 can be removed—unlike the stand on the Xbox Series X—with a simple screw. Upon its removal, it can be turned into a horizontal stand, featuring a handy compartment to store the screw inside the stand itself when it's in horizontal mode.

It's worth pointing out that the video starts with a disclaimer that dissembling your PS5 at home "will invalidate your manufacturer's guarantee," and it will leave the user at risk of "exposure to laser radiation, electrical shock, or other injury." So be warned; if you want to see what the guts of the machine look like for yourself, do so at your own peril. Also, there is a bay for additional internal NVMe SSD storage inside the system once the sides are removed, although it appears just removing the fins will not invalidate the warranty.

Watch the PS5 breakdown above.