TikTok star and YouTuber Bryce Hall has a penchant for getting into fights in public, but twice in a month is a lot, even for him. Hall was caught throwing hands again at a Mexican restaurant near Los Angeles International Airport. 

According to TMZ, the fight, which was caught on video, broke out between Hall and employees of the restaurant after Hall was asked to stop vaping. Hall’s group refused and were asked to leave by the staff. After a server ran the table’s check inside, punches were thrown between Hall and the restaurant’s employees. 

Different sides tell different stories. Some of TMZ’s anonymous sources claim that Bryce and a buddy jumped an employee to start the fight. Hall claims that the fight started when a restaurant manager refused to return his credit card. Employees of the restaurant can be heard calling Hall’s crew punks as they are ushered out of the restaurant. TMZ reports that a restaurant employee broke his hand in the fight and is planning to press charges.

It’s the second brawl involving Hall caught on tape this month. He was caught fighting alongside his Sway House brethren outside Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles on September 23.

Hall has also brushed up against COVID-19 restrictions. He had the power cut off at his home by the City of Los Angeles after he threw a massive party that was broken up by police.