This new COVID world that’s keeping people from frequenting their favourite bars and eateries got a little brighter (and cheesier) today, at least for Torontonians. One of the city’s favourite pie houses, General Assembly, announced a new pizza subscription box service—the world’s first, according to the restaurant.

The website is live and accepting orders now, so ‘za aficionados and hungry Toronto residents with a postal code that starts with “M” can sign up to have stacks of four, six, eight, or ten frozen pizzas delivered to their doorstep. Now that's our kind of meal prep.

There are six pre-made frozen pizzas to choose from, including what you’ll now want for dinner, the Loving Cup, featuring pie with tomato sauce, aged mozzarella, parmesan, ezzo natural pepperoni, and wild oregano. There’s a cheese pie, a classic margarita and a “Garden Smash” vegan option with kale, artichoke, grilled eggplant, roasted pepper, and more. 

So, what’s your pie allowance? Because there are a few options, price dropping as the number rises. Four pizzas are $39 (which works out to $9.75 each), a six-pack is $57, an eight-pack is $74, and a 10-pack is $90 ($9 per pie).

Each pizza is considered personal sized at 10" in diameter, but there are surely plenty of people who could easily dummy two of these. Each ‘za cooks up in five to seven minutes in a conventional oven, so you won’t have to wait long if you decide you wanna crush another.  

General Assembly Pizza entered the TO pie game back in 2017 with a unique “fast casual” dining experience and a downtown location on Adelaide St. Obviously, the city approves. 

“In 2020, providing the best guest experience means General Assembly Pizza has to be more than a restaurant. I'm proud to say that after almost six months of planning, many roadblocks and countless pivots—all while maintaining our day-to-day restaurant operations amidst a pandemic—we have done it,” says Founder & CEO Ali Khan Lalani. “Along the way, we've connected more than ever with our community, and we look forward to bringing a little of that original GA guest experience back into their day-to-day lives, at home."

While the pizza subscription is limited to Toronto at this point, General Assembly says it has plans to expand (waistlines) throughout the province next year.

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