Despite stumbling out of the blocks in the United States, Christopher Nolan's Tenet has soared globally. 

Per DeadlineTenet has grossed $29.5 million to date domestically but has pulled in more than $200 million globally.

Tenet's struggle at the domestic box office speaks to the way the pandemic has impacted the movie industry in the United States. Over three days over last weekend, Tenet made just $6.7 million at 2,910 locations. That was almost 30% less than the 9.4 million the movie made during Labor Day weekend. As a result, most of the film's success has been experienced overseas. Worldwide, the movie grossed $37.3 million, bringing the foreign box office total to $177.5 million. 

Still, Los Angeles—which is still mostly closed due to the pandemic—has been Tenet's largest market. The John David Washington and Robert Pattinson-starring project is experiencing a boost from Orange County's reopening. It is also having strong showings in Northern Virginia and Florida.

The movie's strong global presence is a sigh of relief for Tenet, which opened to mixed reviews. The film notched just a B Cinemascore and a 79% overall positive with a 49% definite recommend. But Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak exits went up to 80% after more people got a chance to experience the film.