J.K. Rowling's new book under her pen name Robert Galbraith has drawn criticism for featuring a cisgender male serial killer who dresses as a woman to kill his victims. In a mostly negative review from the TelegraphTroubled Blood has been described as a "book whose moral seems to be: never trust a man in a dress." Considering the criticism she has received for transphobic comments in the past, people are rightfully upset about the book.

The book has sparked outrage among social media users, with many once again deeming the content as "transphobic." The latest installment in her series of novels following detective Cormoran Strike, as they follow the case of a serial killer who dresses as women in order to kill his female victims. For what it's worth, Rowling has been repeatedly criticized for suggesting the rights of trans women impede upon the rights of cis women. Many critics of her are concerned that the latest book is another opportunity for her to portray trans women as predatory individuals who seek to endager cis women.

This year, the majority of Harry Potter fans and the cast from the movies have condemned Rowling for her offensive comments. Just recently, she returned a 2019 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights award after the president of the organization refered to her comments as "transphobic." She has repeatedly denied accusations of transphobia, but has continually iterated her belief that trans women are women. She even got in something of a back-and-forth with Stephen King over her stance.

Read reactions to the book below.

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