In a new interview, Chrissy Teigen has spoken about the time she and her husband John Legend were followed by racists in Virginia.

In Marie Claire, Teigen said they were tailed by two "neighborhood-watch-type" white men while in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They were in the area in 2010 to visit John Legend's godmother, she explained, when they noticed they were being followed by the two men in a pickup truck.

"We were in a nicer neighborhood at night, driving slowly, looking for John’s godmother’s home. These two guys were in a pickup truck slowly tailing us, flashing their lights and trying to speak to us," Chrissy Teigen said. "When we pulled over, they were like, ‘What are you guys looking for?’ and we gave them the address. They literally said, ‘Get your asses out of here!’ and proceeded to follow us all the way into her driveway. They got out of the car and stared at us as we knocked on the door and went inside. It was a terrible, scary experience." 

Teigen said she cried as soon as they got into the house. "That was my first taste of seeing what happens to Black men everyday," she added. "It was horrifying and could have gone wrong so quickly. I was sobbing afterward for hours, and I noticed John wasn’t emotional about it. Seeing that he wasn’t very thrown by it was really upsetting because he obviously had experienced it before."

Read the whole interview with Chrissy Teigen—who last month announced she's expecting her third child with Legend—at Marie Claire.