Those who have always wanted a Hot Ones-sanctioned way of dipping into the heat-based horrors of "Truth or Dab" from the comfort of home now have a way to do exactly that.

This week, First We Feast launched the new Hot Ones universe-expanding party game, which is indeed an at-home game version of the revered challenge crafted through a partnership with Wilder Toys and Heatonist.

The game sees each brave player taking a turn as the selected host asks a question from the included deck of black cards to the player on their immediate left. From there, that player is given the option of either providing a truthful answer to the question or eschewing honesty in favor of a taste of the coveted Last Dab. After every player has been given a shot at playing host, the ONE-UP challenge is launched and sees everyone trying to best each other in response to the prompt on a card selected from the (also included) white deck.

For more on Hot Ones Truth or Dab The Game, including how to procure the $34.99 set for yourself and/or your loved ones, click here. Up top, catch a breakdown from Hot Ones host Sean Evans on how to best enjoy the ensuing festivities. And to grab some Hot Ones hot sauce, go here.