Skai Jackson has crowned herself the "queen of exposing racists."

The 18-year-old Disney star found herself trending on Friday after she announced her mission to put bigoted teens on blast. Jackson called on her followers to contact her via DM and send videos, screenshots, and any other receipts of their classmates' racist behavior. 

"I expose racist all day, everyday, 24/7 , 10 days a week, and opened all hours," she tweeted.

It didn't take long before Jackson's Twitter timeline was flooded with receipts of racist social media posts by white teens. Not only did she retweet some of the responses, she also posted a number of screenshots that were sent to her, along with the perpetrators' names, high schools, cities, social media handles, and, in some cases, phone numbers. The offensive posts included everything from criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement to mocking the recent police killing of George Floyd to the casual use of the n-word.

One of the tweets targeted a Texas Christian University student who posted a photo of herself with a black substance on her face along with the caption, "changing races." TCU caught wind of the tweet and said the student's post had been reported to "the appropriate staff members."

Jackson's mission to expose racists has, of course, drawn criticism, with many accusing the actress of bullying and putting minors' lives in danger. She responded to this allegation by insisting the teens brought the backlash on themselves.

The criticism, however, was overshadowed by a flood of positive reactions commending Jackson for holding these teen's accountable.

Jackson was still exposing teens as of Friday night.