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Logan Paul put his inarguably massive platform to good use this week with an impassioned plea for his fans and fellow public figures alike to take an incisive look at their own behavior as the fight for social justice continues, particularly in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

Stating in the most recent episode of his Impaulsive podcast that he had done "so much" to educate himself, Paul said he now feels he's "at a good spot" where he can speak up despite his own admission of having been "politically ignorant" in the past.

"America is racist," he said. "Listen carefully to what I said: America is racist. I did not say Americans, although there is definitely an embarrassingly large amount of Americans with the archaic belief that superiority is based on skin color. However, I'm talking about America as a nation. We are all incredibly unaware of how deeply intertwined the ugly roots of racism have embedded themselves in the foundation of this country."

From there, Paul urged his fans to read up on the 13th Amendment, as well as the targeted campaign of mass incarceration that has plagued America for years.

"America itself is responsible for 21 percent of the world's entire prison population, of which one-third are African Americans," he said. "Additionally, one in three black men have the change of going to jail in their life and that number is one in 17 for white men. Blacks are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of whites. This is me citing the NAACP. That is not good enough for America, though. So what is another way to ensure inequality 'legally'? Segregation Jim Crow laws which have forced racial segregation through the mid-1960s. Bro, the mid-1960s! That's my parent’s generation! That's how close we still are to all of this fuckery. And not to mention the prominent—yet not so glaring—nuanced nature of elected officials to keep the marginalized oppressed, from Nixon to Reagan to Clinton to Bush."

Later, Paul conceded that he's made "reprehensible mistakes" in the past, a fact which previously made him question how much value his speaking up would have.

"Who the fuck am I to suggest a way to better and progress humanity? This past weekend, I found the answer to that question . . . I am a human," he said.

In the most passionate moment from Paul’s mid-podcast moment, he spoke definitively on how simply being “not racist” is insufficient in this era.

"One of my biggest learnings from all of this, and I'm embarrassed that it's taken me 25 years to realize this, it is not enough to be not racist," he said. "You have to be anti-racist. Condemn those who feign superiority because of the color of their skin. Friends, hold friends accountable. Hold your family accountable. Hold yourself accountable. And most importantly, we must hold our authorities accountable. Police officers, politicians, policymakers. As Killer Mike said, bully the politicians at the voting booth. Make your voice heard."

Paul also had a special message for white people who continue to insist that the inherent privilege of their existence isn't reality.

"For those who do not think white privilege exists, you are fucking blind," he said. "You are delusional and you are part of the problem. I can count on zero hands the amount of times that I have feared for my life at a routine traffic stop. That has never happened. Half of the reason I'm able to get away with some of the hooligan shit I do in my vlogs is because I'm a white kid. I'm confident that I do not have to fear for my life should the cops show up. Acknowledge and weaponize your privilege."

Catch the full Impaulsive, which also sees Logan addressing his brother Jake's recent heavily criticized foray into headlines, via the video at the top of this page.