Jake Paul Trending for Looting and Filming During Protests

Jake Paul has been slammed for looting a mall with a group of friends in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has since issued a statement regarding the events.

jake paul

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jake paul

Jake Paul has come under fire after a video of him and his friends looting a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona went viral.

jake paul: i got tear gassed :(

also jake paul: pic.twitter.com/6aKZBW3RHH

— elijah daniel (@elijahdaniel) May 31, 2020

In the video, he and a group of people are shown outside and inside the mall, as they ransack and burglarize stores. In another video, Paul is shown with a group of people who are lighting fireworks outside what appears to be a shopping center. It's unclear if it's the same mall.


Paul has since issued a statement.


— Jake Paul (@jakepaul) May 31, 2020

You are on camera with a bottle of vodka looted from a PF Chang’s.

— elijah daniel (@elijahdaniel) May 31, 2020

Of course, no one believes one word of Paul’s story, particularly due to his problematic past.

Jake Paul needs to be sent to the shadow realm... IMMEDIATELY.

— ChiseledAdonis (@chiseledadonis) May 31, 2020

Friends, @jakepaul is a liar and is using virtue signaling to worm out of being held accountable for exploiting a protest/movement for his dumb-as-fuck bro vlog. He is the embodiment of white privilege. He was caught on camera looting In Arizona. https://t.co/lVcUFQgPLd

— Jordan Gavaris (@JordanGavaris) May 31, 2020

jake paul going to protests just to loot and vlog... a whole rat pic.twitter.com/HrnwnkQWx2

— ryxn (@itzryxxn) May 31, 2020

Last May, a woman said that she was drugged at a house party hosted by the YouTuber. Reports surfaced after the mother of a woman who attended the party informed other parents that her daughter and eight other women ended up in the hospital after “something was put in their drinks.”

A couple of months later, Paul was hit with allegations of transphobia. His team later shared a statement that they had launched an “internal investigation” to “determine exactly what unfolded, and the full context” so that “appropriate steps” can be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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