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Though a defecation story involving a CW star probably wasn't in anyone's 2020 fortune teller's ball, here we are.

On Friday, Stephen Amell of the Arrowverse shared a photo of what is very clearly fecal matter atop a roof. According to Amell, this was the result of an angry neighbor, who he says has been "illegally doing construction" for more than three years.

Cassandra Jean, Amell's wife, reached out to the neighbor to no avail. The back-and-forth eventually included the Memorial Day weekend defecation in question, which Amell documented for the entire world in a tweet on Friday:

And that's it. That's the whole tale.

Amell recently received criticism from award-winning comic book writer Tee Franklin over the actor's decision to proceed with a recent episode of his podcast despite a booked guest's announcement of skipping the interview in solidarity with protests over the murder of George Floyd. While Amell ultimately responded to Franklin's criticism, the tone of his response—as Franklin detailed in later tweets—was "condescending" and did little to clarify his stance.