Following up on a similar act of generosity that we'll get to in a second, TMZ reports that Jeopardy! mainstay and GOAT gameshow host Alex Trebek has donated $500,000 to a homeless shelter charity looking to get a new facility up and running in Southern California's San Fernando Valley by next year. Trebek's sizable contribution to the cause was revealed to TMZ by the founder of that charity, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, Ken Craft. 

That organization is apparently using the donation of Trebek (and undoubtedly others) for an ultra ambitious center, currently going by the name of Hope Central. TMZ reports that the facility will be 50,000 square-feet, and that it'll house a number of the area's homeless seniors. The current plan is to scout properties (which is reportedly already underway) with the aim to break ground in 2021. 

This newest donation from Trebek comes on the heels of a previous (and very similar) display of generosity in which he gave $100,000 for a separate North Hollywood-based facility built by the same organization.

On Tuesday, Trebek (along with his wife, Jean) toured that place. Note that they rewarded the first donation by naming the biggest room in that facility the "Alex and Jean Trebek Multi-Purpose Room."

Later in the same day Trebek made his way to yet another Hope of the Valley facility (this one in Van Nuys) and got spotted in-between making a stop at Home Depot. We'd otherwise ignore that part (I mean, I know non-famous people who go to Home Depot all the time) but that was picked up for some reason by other outlets. Note the hard hat:

Craft went on to say that Trebek's donation brought him to tears. He also relayed a message Trebek gave to him, which is that he hopes his act will encourage others to donate or help to combat homelessness.