Solo: A Star Wars Story premiered in 2018 to a relatively muted response, but that hasn't stopped fans of the film rallying behind the idea of a sequel. 

Starring Alden Ehrenreich as the titular character, with supporting performances from Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, and Donald Glover, Solo was ultimately the first Star Wars film to be considered a commercial flop. Critics were mixed but mostly positive, while audiences didn't exactly rush to the theaters to see it.

Grossing just $393 million on a budget between $275-300 million, Solo had a notoriously troubled production, switching directors mid-production and going over budget. Regardless, on the second anniversary of the movie fans have let it be known they want more from young Han Solo. Some have suggested where a potential sequel could go, with many taking interest in what happened to Clarke's character Qi'ra. Others are deploying a #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag.

When Ehrenreich signed on to the project during, it was reported that he was contracted for two additional films. Clarke also signed on for future installments, but due to the commercial response it appears unlikely we'll get Solo 2. Co-writer Jon Kasdan  recently indicated that no one is "pursuing a Solo sequel at the moment," because he believes a feature-length follow-up would be "a tough sell."

See what fans are saying about a potential (but very unlikely sequel) below.