When Netflix confirmed that a new episode of Tiger King was going to drop on Easter Sunday, the response was like sweet music to the collective ears of fans of the wildly popular docuseries. Like, the first time we heard that Joe Exotic banger "Here Kitty Kitty."

Even though anticipation was running high, expectations should have been tempered since the eighth installment in the docuseries was being framed as an after show hosted by Joel McHale and featuring interviews with a number of participants from the docuseries, except for Exotic, his husband Dillon Passage, and Carole Baskin.

"There's a documentary series on Netflix called Tiger King. I highly recommend watching all seven episodes," McHale said when the special was announced. "On April 12th, Netflix will release an eighth installment called: The Tiger King and I. It's an after show hosted by me. I talk to a lot of people involved in the project: Jeff and Lauren Lowe, Saff, Erik Cowie, John Finlay, John Reinke, and Rick Kirkham, to see what's happened in their lives since the release of the series. It's eye-opening and hopefully funny. So watch The Tiger King and I, April 12th on Netflix."

Judging by the reaction online, viewers came away from episode largely disappointed in what they saw. 

Despite the tepid reaction, this won't be the last we'll see of the big cat crew. Just this week we learned that Rob Lowe could be in line to play Joe Exotic in Ryan Murphy's fictionalized take on the sordid tale.