Dame Dash's legal woes just got a lot more complicated.

But according to the judge, Dash did not have the grounds to market the 2017 fim, and was “apparently incapable of exercising ordinary civility” during the January trial. According to a report from the New York Daily News, Dash was belligerent throughout the trial, and even accused an attorney of having breath that smelled like "doo-doo."

Although Brooks was awarded the $300,000, her legal battle with Dash is far from over, as he intends to appeal the court's decision. 

"The copyright claim was incorrectly decided in our opinion as you were the dominant author," Dash and his legal said in a statement. "In any event the damages awarded were based on pure speculation so both findings are being appealed.

Brooks released a statement of her own, saying Dash essentially took something that wasn't his. “Damon Dash claims to help African-American women while stealing from me and my family,” she said through her lawyer. "He stole my dream and took my Mafietta brand as his own without consent or any credit to me, its creator."