Finn Wolfhard is reminding the world about the scary downsides of celebrity.

In a recent interview with Mastermind magazine, the 17-year-old actor recalled an incident in which he was stalked by adult fans while filming the first installment of It.

"When I was 13, some adults followed me back to my condo when I was shooting It," Wolfhard said. "Stranger Things had just come out, and I was by myself. As I walked faster, they walked faster, and I was getting a bit antsy by the time I got to the door. Suddenly, they were like, 'Hey, dude, can we get a selfie?' And I was like, 'No you can’t have a selfie! How about don’t follow children?'"

Wolfhard also spoke about a time when his taxi was followed by a "pretty relentless" individual. He also claimed that his band Calpurnia has had to "stop shows because people were getting crushed"—highlighting how overeager fans can often create dangerous situations.

In 2017, the young actor took to Twitter to tell fans to stop harassing him and his castmates.

The posts were shared in wake of a video that showed Wolfhard at a hotel, denying requests for autographs and pictures. Sophie Turner was among the stars who came to Wolfhard's defense, stating: "It doesn’t matter if they are an actor... they are kids first. Give them the space they need in order to grow without feeling like they owe anyone anything for living their childhood dreams."