Pete Davidson let RuPaul turn him into the "future of drag" on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Davidson reprised his trademark character, Chad (an oblivious idiot who agrees with almost everything), for the sketch. Like the ones that came before it, the episode's host, in this case RuPaul, finds Chad's naive demeanor interesting. In the latest edition, RuPaul decides to turn Chad into his drag queen successor. 

"Everyone take five!" RuPaul yells during a photo shoot that occurs after spotting Chad working as a production assistant. "Leave me, with the future of drag."

RuPaul then puts Chad through a tutorial on how to be a drag queen. Chad tries on dresses, plays with fake breasts, and gets his makeover from RuPaul. In other Chad sketches—like the one with Jennifer Lopez—Chad is usually the one who is blind to the person's romantic interest. But in this installment, Chad actually tries to kiss RuPaul before RuPaul informs him that he's a married man.

Saturday's episode also toyed with Davidson's sex appeal in another sketch featuring some very "thirsty" cops.

Here, two police officers (RuPaul and Ego Nwodim) pull Davidson over. The cops claim that he was texting while driving, but they really just think he's cute and want to know if he's gay or straight. 

"How you getting there?" Nwodim asked Davidson after he said he was headed to meet up with some friends. "You headed straight?" "Or is your journey more fluid," RuPaul interjected. "Not afraid to take a couple of queer turns along the way?"

After talking to the cops for a while, Davidson is relieved when another responding officer (Kate McKinnon) arrive on the scene. But to his dismay, she too was attracted to him. 

"I wish I could," McKinnon's character says when Davidson asks if she can let him leave. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I need to make sure my dash-cam got all of this."

While it was nice to see Davidson back on SNL, the show's real highlight was musical guest Justin Bieber, who performed "Yummy" and "Intentions" with Quavo.