Issa Rae has a lot of things on her plate, but remaking a cult classic isn't one of her upcoming projects. 

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Rae shut down  rumors claiming that she was working on remaking the 1996 film, Set It Off

"Oh, I would never remake a classic," Rae told ET. "I don't know where that came from."

In September 2019, headlines started to surface stating that Issa Rae was developing a re-imagining of Set It Off. Per Variety, Rae was supposedly set to star and produce the film. Syreeta Singleton and Nina Gloster were rumored to be writing the script while Rae's production partner, Montrel McKay, was the co-producer. This news was met with mixed reactions as fans were not thrilled by the news of another Hollywood reboot.

Now they can all take a collective sigh of relief because it appears like Rae is focused on creating new classics. She's hoping to do this with her upcoming film, The Photograph. The Photograph co-stars Lakeith Stanfield and follows their love story. It also mirrors Rae's character's life with that of her estranged mother. This rom-com is set to hit theater on Valentine's Day. 

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