Anticipation for Westworld's return is getting stronger.

Shortly after HBO released the official trailer for season 3, several die-hard fans came across a set of hidden trailers on the series' viral marketing website. Reddit user MTC_Chickpea was among the first people to point out the videos, which were discovered on the site for Incite Inc., a fictional tech company that will be introduced in the forthcoming season.

The redditor explained they found the three videos when visiting the site with a VPN and clean browser history. Those trailers were uploaded through YouTube on Wednesday and have remained unlisted since.

Per MTC_Chickpea:

On Inciteinc website, the my privacy tab plays a video showing the official trail ( Catagory G ). If you cycle through it kicks on different ones about every 25 tries or so. I got lucky with a VPN and clean browser history got different trailer right away.

The videos—titled "Free Will Is Not Free," "Your World," and "When Caleb Meets Dolores"—include new dialogue and never-before-seen shots from season 3. We see Vincent Cassel's villainous character in a tense moment with Aaron Paul's Caleb; in another scene, Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores is on the floor screaming in agony as tubes penetrate her body; and there's also a shot of Katja Herbers' Grace—the Man in Black's (Ed Harris) daughter who was killed in season 2. Herbers hinted at her possible return during an interview with TheWrap last month.

"I wish I could see an agent, 'cause I have no idea what I’m allowed to say,” Herbers told the outlet, when asked about her involvement in season 3. "I think anything is really possible, because my character was copied, right? I was wearing that hat. So there’s infinite copies of me that could be brought back at any time."

You can check out the hidden Westworld trailers below. The sci-fi series' season 3 premiere will air at 9/8c March 15 on HBO.