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David Ayer has expressed additional remorse regarding that time he said "Fuck Marvel."

The Suicide Squad director, who just last November publicly lamented how that movie turned out, responded to a tweet on Sunday in which someone who clearly did not approve of the "Fuck Marvel" utterance questioned Ayer's co-sign of a message of fandom unity from James Gunn. Gunn, of course, is helming the upcoming The Suicide Squad.

Ayer said he "immediately regretted it" and recalled a "nice exchange" he had with Stan Lee following the 2016 incident, which saw the director repeating a "Fuck Marvel" shout after someone in the audience of a Suicide Squad event said the same.

In a follow-up tweet, Ayer said the moment still bothers him to this day. "It wasn't professional," he said, adding that he has "only respect" for Marvel, whose success is "unparalleled."

Per Comic Book, Ayer previously said back in 2016 that he simply got "caught up in the moment" and affirmed that he had nothing but "respect for my brother filmmakers."

Next up for Ayer is the Shia LaBeouf-starring The Tax Collector, as well as a sequel to the Netflix-backed Bright.