Between Venom, Joker, and the release of the Jared Leto-led Moribus trailer, it seems the (::extreme Stefon voice::) hottest trend in comic book movies right now is villains. As Sony looks to capitalize on what properties and characters from Marvel they still have access to, the studio will probably continue to leverage more of Spider-Man’s iconic rogue’s gallery for their future cinematic projects.

So, in honor of Morbius, we figured it’d be worthwhile to dive deep into the catalog of Spidey villains to determine who might be a worthy candidate for a spin-off flick. Considering the fact that Sony once thought spinning off Aunt May into her own movie was a good idea, no character is off-limits—but some certainly have a better foundation for a solo project than others. With those caveats in mind, here are six contenders who could fare well in a standalone project. Oh, and Sony, if you don’t have my number, you find me on Twitter.