'YOU' Season 2: The Spoiler Review

Hello, you. Did you check out the white-hot second season of Netflix's 'YOU' yet? Then you know why we're DYING to talk about this series.

Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

Image via Netflix/Beth Dubber

Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

Hello, you. If you’re reading this then you’ve binged, murdered, Kombucha’d and acid-tripped your way to the end of YOU’s delightfully deranged sophomore season. (SPOILERS FOR YOU SEASON 2 FOLLOW) After a great debut that came out of nowhere and challenged millions of Netflix subscribers’ morals as we embarked on the journey of a toxic, homicidal creep, this second season could’ve gone a different way. Under the pressure of expectations, and at Netflix where writing for binging sometimes saps the episodic propulsion out of a TV series, this could’ve been a sophomore slump. Instead, whether the end result of Joe’s love (wolf) affair with Love works for you or not, it’s hard to argue that this collection wasn’t just as thrilling and morally complicated at times, forcing us to remember we're rooting for a de facto serial killer. 

But let’s go back to that ending, which is huge. For much of Season 2, the show is fun albeit redundant. The sharp dialog and incisively meta millennial satire trades Manhattan for LA—Joe works at a send-up of Erewhon Market, and finds himself surrounded by gossip columnists who invoke Ronan Farrow, trust-fund Hollywood thirst lords, and Chris D'Elia playing a popular comedian. There's a cop named...David Fincher. Joe has another precocious child he builds with, another girl he’ll kill for, another ridiculously named codependent person in her life he has to contend with. Ellie, Forty…Paco and Peach by another name. All throughout, the tension of whether the season will just end in a similar fashion—which would be very lame—hangs over, or whether the show will man up and hold Joe responsible for his actions. Instead, the series takes a hard swerve and goes full Gone Girl on us. Love Quinn is just as willing to kill for love as Joe, in fact, recognizing their kindred darkness is what drew her to him. She’s spent the season manipulating events and playing him as much as he has her. The season ends with them together, and Joe trapped in an even worse hell than LA: suburbia. Season 3 should be a hoot.

Complex PC editors khal and Frazier tore through the season which was made available to critics in its entirety over the last month, here they break down the twists in detail.

The Big Twist

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

Joe's New World

Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

The New Girl

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'


Ambyr Childers in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

The Future

Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

The Golden Goldbergs

Penn Badgley in Season 2 of Netflix's 'YOU'

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