If you make just one resolution this year, it should be this: If it makes you happy, do it! After all, that’s what life is all about, right? Well, Pepsi agrees. To prove it, the company is launching its first new U.S.-based tagline in two decades, adding “That’s What I Like” to ads for Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and Diet Pepsi, supporting everyone in living the life they want, exactly as they want. 

People who do what they like, when they like, regardless of the judgment of others, inspire us all. That's why Pepsi is working to spotlight them with five new national television commercials. Each will feature hip-hop, dancehall, or Latin pop, and show everyday people getting lost in the moment, caring less about others’ opinions, and simply living for themselves.

Fans watching the NFL Wild Card games this weekend will get a chance to see the first spot, with the following ads slated to debut during the Golden Globes and online. More than half of the “That’s What I Like” commercials will be broadcast across English and Spanish language properties, reaching Pepsi’s bilingual and Spanish-speaking fans too. 

Think you’re bold enough? Then join the “That’s What I Like” conversation on social media and prove it!