FX Productions and FX Network chairman John Landgraf has revealed some pivotal filming location info regarding Atlanta's upcoming third season.

Per an on-the-ground update at the 2020 Television Critics Association gathering on Thursday from Vox's Emily VanDerWerff, the Donald Glover-starring acclaim-accumulator will conduct "much of" its shooting outside the United States.

Of course, for those caught up on all things Atlanta, this merely confirms that Season 3 will likely pick up right where the previous season finale left off back in May 2018.

Seasons 3 and 4 of the FX series, per updates from others at the TCA event, will be shot back-to-back and are both set to be released in 2021. Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes, with current plans for Season 4 to boast eight episodes. Landgraf also spoke on the future of Atlanta beyond the two new seasons, stating that such a thing is up to Glover.

Last year, we learned that arguably the greatest show on TV had been renewed for a fourth season, with reports at the time also pointing to a 2020 production start date. Initially, however, it wasn't clear whether FX had plans on consecutively releasing the seasons within the same year. With Thursday's TCA 2020 updates, we now know that's the plan.

"Crabs in a Barrel," the Season 2 finale, saw Earn's pivotal placement of his uncle's gun ahead of an international flight out of the United States for touring purposes. If Thursday's updates are any indication, we'll likely see what happens overseas and (potentially) how Earn's decision has impacted his fate as Paper Boi's manager.

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