Netflix has dropped the official trailer for Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.

The three-part documentary series takes a look at the childhood, career, and death of the former New England Patriots tight end, who was facing life in prison for the 2013 murder of his brother-in-law Odin Lloyd.

In summer 2013, mere hours after being arrested for the murder, Hernandez was released by the Patriots and later pleaded not guilty to the murder of Lloyd. His world was quickly unraveling. In summer 2014, he was implicated and indicted in the 2012 double homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Furtado, to which Hernandez also pleaded not guilty.

While Hernandez was found not guilty in the 2012 double homicide, in spring 2015, he was found guilty in the murder of Lloyd.

On April 19, 2017, Hernandez was found hanging from a bedsheet inside his prison cell. He was pronounced dead shortly after. The athlete was posthumously diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain condition many believe contributes to violent behavior. 

Watch the trailer for Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez above. One moment features a recording of Hernandez blaming his issues on his mother. “I was the happiest little kid in the world, and you fucked me up,” he says. He goes on to add, “I had nobody. What’d you think I was going to do? Become a perfect angel?”