We've known for some time now that Eddie Murphy would begin his return to the art of stand-up at some point in 2020. Now, according to a new report, the revered comedian and SNL ratings booster is said to be in the Testing New Material stage of that return.

An admittedly question mark-filled update from Page Six this week hints that Murphy is "sneaking into" clubs to work on new material in advance of a heavily anticipated Netflix special. The report doesn't offer much more in the way of details, i.e. which clubs and when, but that mystery is part of the fun of frequenting the comedy club scene. You simply never know who might show up.

Speaking with Ellen DeGeneres last month ahead of that aforementioned hit of an SNL return, Murphy explained that he planned to take as long as "eight or nine months" to get his material ready for this next chapter in his stand-up career.

"I'm gonna start kinda working [it] out in the beginning of the year and then when it's ready, you know, I'll try to give myself eight or nine months to get it ready," he said, later adding in an assessment on how the form has grown in the years since he first became a star.

"When we started it was like, if you were saying you were a comic, it was like being a juggler or a magician or something. Now it's this mainstream thing," he said.

Coming 2 America, meanwhile, opens this December.