Tom Holland and Will Smith made an entire movie together, but only met for the first time earlier this month.

SInce the film is animated, they didn't need to be in the same room. Smith did his voiceover work in Los Angeles, while Holland did his in New York City."We made a whole movie together, but when you’re doing animation it’s just voice work. We literally just met for the first time,” Smith told Entertainment Weekly. At the December 4th premiere of their new film Spies in Disguise, the co-stars revealed that they met each other doing an escape room. 

Based on what Smith posted to his YouTube page Thursday, it looks like the duo had a ton of fun doing the escape room. Before they begin, the two actors sit down and talk about a host of different things. Smith, whose character Lance Sterling transforms into a pigeon in the film, tells Holland that he did a lot of aviary study to get into character. "I'm not one of them actors who thinks he can come off the street and play a pigeon, you know what I'm saying?" he tells Holland.

The two end up making it through the room with time left to spare. "We were wanting to figure out if we really could do the stuff that we did as spies,” Smith told outlet. "We got out. It was a 1-hour escape room, and we were out in 24 minutes."

Holland humbly gave Smith most of the credit for their swift escape. "I think Will got the majority of the clues. I was more like the hype-man in the situation. I was like encouraging him,” Holland said. "I’ve never actually escaped an escape room so the secret of escaping an escape room is to do it with Will Smith because he’s really good at it."

Spies in Disguise is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. Rashida Jones and DJ Khaled lend their voices to the film as well.