Well—SPOILERS FOR WATCHMEN SEASON 1 OBVIOUSLY FOLLOW—it's all over. The mustache-twirling MAGA bad guys are vapor (or, in Not Great Bob's case, ooze) but so is Doctor Manhattan. All relationships end in tragedy, after all. Will Reeves got his revenge, Adrian Veidt got his comeuppance. And what did Angela Abar get? Well, the finale inevitably cuts to black before we can see. Damon Lindelof's HBO-adaptation of Alan Moore's beloved superhero deconstruction has come to an end, and—though it's a belabored phrase/way of thinking—yes, he did nail the ending, stick the landing, etc. Some things, reflexively, weren't flawless: we could've probably benefited from seeing a bit more of Lady Trieu. And while Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt is fantastic (boy, was he having a blast) the more the curtain drew back on his Europa adventures the sillier they became.

Those are quibbles, though. Hats off to Damon Lindelof, Nick Cuse, Jeff Jensen, Cord Jefferson, Regina King, Jean Smart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kassell, Stephen Williams...the list is endless, truly. Everyone came together and clipped up to tell a story of remarkable relevance and stunning execution. And now, the age-old question of the Peak TV era: is there more? Or rather, should there be? Would continuing with another season deepen and enrich this story, or does what we got tonight feel too complete to risk touching again? Complex's Pop Culture team debates if Watchmen is better off ending here or if nothing ever ends.