A mother will stop at nothing to make sure her child is well fed. Michael B. Jordan's mom is no exception.

On Monday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Just Mercy star revealed that his mother somehow snuck her famous mac n' cheese through customs to Berlin, where Jordan was filming for three months. 

"My mom's mac and cheese is legendary. She only makes it a couple times a year," Jordan explained. Fallon asked the actor if he had a chance to taste the dish this year, and Jordan explained how he was able to do so.

"Actually, I did. Somehow she found a way to sneak it, like through customs. And she got it to Berlin," Jordan told Fallon. "I was in Berlin filming for the past three months, and I missed my first Thanksgiving in I don't know how long, so she somehow figured out a way to get mac n' cheese and her famous meat n' mac to me in Germany."

In Just Mercy, Jordan plays Bryan Stevenson, a young attorney who travels to the deep South to defend Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), who was sentenced to prison for the murder of a young woman despite evidence that suggests he didn't commit the crime.

Jordan told Fallon that Foxx was a pleasure to work with. "We were dealing with such heavy material. He was excellent at playing music to kind of get us in and out of moments. I think we were dealing with such heavy stakes all the time, he would play songs to kind of set the mood for a scene," the actor explained. "But then also play songs to kind of get us out of it as well. He was definitely a big cheerleader on set. Always telling jokes, he’s an amazing storyteller.”

The film is set to hit theaters Christmas Day.