For some time now, there have been whisperings of some sort of revelatory moment in the first episode of the Star Wars universe-expanding series The Mandalorian. And now that the Disney+ streaming service has launched (error messages aside!), we know exactly what those whisperings were about.

Before we proceed, however, it's only fair to note that all of the following does indeed constitute findings of the SPOILER variety, so proceed with caution. Or don't. Totally up to you.

As Uproxx's Josh Kurp handily pointed out Tuesday, the inaugural episode of the Star Wars series reveals the existence of a goddamn baby alien creature that very much resembles none other than the GOAT himself, Yoda.

Indeed, the final moments of the first episode show Pedro Pascal's character finding an "asset" he was told to retrieve. Ultimately, Pascal's character isn’t the only one in the area seeking this "asset," which turns out to be the Yoda-esque baby.

For clarity's sake, it’s certainly worth pointing out that Mandalorian events are set a few years after the events of original franchise entry Return of the Jedi. Additionally, per viewers more detail-oriented than I, this Yoda-esque baby is actually approximately 50 years old.

For additional details and whatnot on this new character, we'll have to wait for the unveiling of the next Mandalorian episode, which drops Friday on Disney+. The service offers a one-week free trial, so don't fuck yourself by missing out.

In related news, I strongly advise a careful reading of this piece from Variety about Werner Herzog’s involvement with the series.